CAOS BIANCO - SACRAE VOCES, Luca Mario Colombo and Silvia Drago

CAOS BIANCO - SACRAE VOCES, Luca Mario Colombo and Silvia Drago


Catalog n.: LCSD1313



1- Ave Maria

2- Alleluia

3- Kyrie

4- Sanctus

5- Magnificat

6- Angele Dei

7- Kirtam

8- Eterno Brivido (Gloria)


Duration: 24' 52"


Sacrae Voces is the first album of the acoustic duo Caos Bianco, formed by the singer and guitarist Silvia Drago and the cellist and composer Luca Mario Colombo. It contains 8 original pieces on ancient sacred texts in Latin (Ave Maria, Alleluia, Kyrie, Magnificat, Sanctus, Angele Dei, Gloria), Sanskrit (Kirtam) and some original Italian verses. The sense of sacrality is represented in its intimate dimension by a pure and essential sonority: in fact all the compositions are developed by the only sounds of the voice and the cello, sometimes accompanied by the guitar and the “mystic sound” of the Tibetan bell. Ancient sung texts and classical instruments are blended in an original style, influenced by classical, contemporary, ethnic and popular music. The general atmosphere is ethereal, basically focused on few sounds/elements projected on a silent background, which lead us to recollection, in an intimate contemplation of the Sacred. Recorded at 432 Hz.



Composer: Luca Mario Colombo

Artist: Silvia Drago, Luca Mario Colombo (duo Caos Bianco)

Author: Luca Mario Colombo, Silvia Drago

Media: 1 CD

Release: 14/06/2013

Label: Carabà Edizioni

Genre: sacred music

Product nr.: LCSD1313

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ISRC: ITZW61300101/8